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Shipping & Freight:

       –   Prices may include charges for packing, handling, freight, distribution, and delivery.

  1. Warranty – Items that come with Certificate of Guarantee must be kept in case it is required when making a claim.
  2. Packaging–Individual items shall be packaged and shipped as ordered in its original  
  3. Freight charges– may be added to the invoice if products will be shipped out of town.

Delivery Timing:

Upon receipt, we will provide an estimated delivery time ranging from (3) to (15) business days depending on the volume or style. 

Delivery is always free within our local community.

We will notify you of any potential delivery delays if that may occur.


  • A backorder form will be available online; can be faxed or emailed at your chosen location.
  • Backorders may take up (25) business days and we will notify you if any other issues may present.
  • Customer has the right to cancel a backorder within 72-HOUR from the original purchasing date.
  • D. Once the 72 HOUR expired, order cannot be cancelled or replaced.

Product Availability:

  • We stock a large variety of uniforms and medical supplies to meet the demands. The main purpose of this is to facilitate a quicker turnaround. However, some products or styles are very rare to stock in large quantity. We will always inform you of the availability.
  • It is possible that your representative may not know of a discontinued product at the time of placing an order. Since your representative doesn’t carry all the latest update with him or her; therefore, you will be notified very shortly if the product is no longer in the market.
  • Please contact your representative if you need to make changes in your order.’

Catalogs, Price List, Brochures, Promotions:

Price list and catalogs will be constantly updated online. Customers can always request to have it mailed out. Price list will be in Excel and PDF format.  The purpose of the list is to serve as a guide to customer when placing an order. The Excel file will have the item descriptions with the code name.     


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